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Catalog – Tech-Science – Dangerous Asian pests spread in Hungary

Catalog - Tech-Science - Dangerous Asian pests spread in Hungary

09.04.2021. 05:51

It prefers fresh, healthy fruit and causes serious damage.

The spotted winged moslika is also common in Hungary (fruit fly suzuki). Unlike muslins that eat rotten fruit, the invasive pest from Asia prefers to eat soft, healthy fruits, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, peaches or grapes, and can cause damage of up to 80 percent or more to crops.

a fruit fly suzuki It appeared in Europe a few years ago and is rapidly expanding all over the world. He first met him in Barcelona in 2007, in France in 2009, and in Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Austria in 2011. It was released in 2012 in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany and Hungary. Beginning in 2008, it “conquered” North America, causing about 20 percent loss, and half a billion dollars in damages.

Drosophila suzukii meditating on a vine in a vineyard in Bensheim, Germany in September 2014

Drosophila suzukii meditating on a vine in a vineyard in Bensheim, Germany in September 2014

Fotó: Photo Alliance / Getty Images Hungary

The spotted winged muslika lives in an area where the winters are mild and wet. Therefore, climate warming plays a major role in its emergence. Over the course of several weeks of life, females lay hundreds of eggs in healthy, ripe and ripe fruits. The larvae write that they hatch in 1-3 days and begin to feed by destroying the flesh of the fruit Magyarmazdasá

After the caterpillars are damaged, the fruits begin to rot due to fungal and bacterial infections. According to the paper, early harvest and no fertilization can be used to protect against spotted moslica, and the affected fruits should be eliminated.

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(Hungarian AgricultureAnd MDPIAnd Wikipedia)

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