Catalog - Sports - Tamas Marsh announced a wide range of teams participating in the Hungarian World Cup

Catalog – Sports – Tamas Marsh announced a wide range of teams participating in the Hungarian World Cup

And according to the Hungarian Federation website on Thursday, the specialist will start preparations with 16 players next Wednesday, ten players from the Ferencvaros national team interested in the eighth final of the Champions League, and Jerji Zalanki, who will strengthen the Pro Rico team, will join him. June 8.

The official match until the World Cup is not included in the team program, and there will be joint training only with the Canadian and Croatian national teams.

In addition to the large pool at Hajós Pool, Debrecen, Sopron and Szeged host group matches for the water polo tournament. In each city there will be group fights for men and women, i.e. fans will be able to watch two matches in the afternoon – except for Margaret Island, where the Hungarian men’s and women’s teams will play, here to avoid collision with – the swimming match and the first matches at 7.30 pm – the Hungarians begin to Water from 9 pm.

The men’s national team will meet Montenegro for the first time in Group A on June 21, and two days later it will play against Brazil and on June 25 with Georgia.

Rich World Cup Framework for Hungarians:

goalkeepers: Christophe Ksoma (Caposvar), Marton Levi (OSC), Marton Mizzi (Vasas), Daniel Sacconi (FTC) and Soma Vogel (FTC)

Field players: Dániel Angyal (Szolnok), Benedek Batizi (BVSC), Gergely Burián (OSC), Erik Csacsovszky (OSC), Balázs Erdélyi (Vasas), Gergő Fekete (FTC), Balázs Hárai (OSCans), Skziloszátián (Szolno) and Manzolzán OSC), Tamás Mezei (Vasas), Erik Molnár (FTC), dám Nagy (Szolnok), Toni Német (FTC), Zoltán Pohl (FTC), Dániel Sánta (Vzegasor)), Dénes Varga (FTC), Márton Vámos ( FTC), Vendvári Vigvári (FTC), Vince Vigvári (OSC), Gergő Zalánki (Pro Recco, Italian)

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Men’s gymnastics groups:

the group: Hungary, Montenegro, Brazil, Georgia

Group B: Greece, Germany, Croatia, Japan

Group C: Spain, Italy, South Africa, Canada

Group D: Serbia, Australia, Kazakhstan, United States

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