Catalog - Sports - 'First players' doing well before the World Cup in Canada

Catalog – Sports – ‘First players’ doing well before the World Cup in Canada

As previously reported by the index, In the competition, only Balint Cubasz will start from our six Olympic champions in Tokyo, And in general, a very young team traveled to Canada.

I don’t usually formulate performance goals, so I won’t do that now either. It’s a new year, with a lot of “first balls”. The team is young, but they did well in preparation, there is a possibility of strong points scoring, those who did well in the Olympics, good results can be expected from them, but based on the qualifiers, it will be possible to get a better idea of ​​the exact chances

– Answered the index question Chappa Hotner.

We also asked the captain about the conditions for receiving the delegation at the World Cup venue.

In this regard, he said, the environment is not entirely competition friendly, as the contestants are placed in tents, and there are mobile buildings that are not quite close to the competition tracks.

As for the goals of the following years, the main focus is the successful participation in the Olympic Games in Paris.

This current year is a test year, as we will be assessing our chances of getting 2024 places in the quota competitions. Our goal is to get as many stakes as possible and, if possible, to compete in all the events in Paris. We want to be on top of the world at the Olympics

The captain concluded.

Canadian Team Hungarian Kayak Team

kayak discipline
Sismadia Colosse (K – 1,200 m, K4,500 m), Giorgili Balogh (K1500 m), Balint Ballinate (K1000 m, k2500 m), Balint Neue (K1 5000 m, k2 1000 m), penny dass (K2500 m, k4500 m), Tamas Kolevay (K2 1000 m), Stephen Colley (K4500 m), shoemaker Adam (K4500 m), Levente Koroc (K2 assorted 500m)

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Anna Lutz (K1200 m kg2,200 m, k2500 m), Eszter Rendessy (K1500 m, k1000 m), Emissie Kohalmi (K1 5000 m, k4500 m), Little Blanca (K2,200 m, k2500 m), throttle Sarah (K4500 m), Pupp Noemi (K4500 m), Alida Durka Jazzu (K2 mixed 500 m, k4500 m)

boat discipline
David Korisanzki (C1200 m), Daniel Figs (C1500, c2 variety 500m), Adolf Palaz (C1000 m, c1 5000 m), Come on Jonathan (C2500 m), black Adam (C2500 m), Balázs . kiss (C2 1000 m), in Hudovan David (C-2 1000 m), Christoph Kolar (C-4500 m), Slihoczki Adam (C-4500 m), David Kockas(C-4500 m), Dominic Zombori (C-4500 m)

Takax Kenso (C1200 m, C4 500 m), Bala flower (C1500m, C1 1000m, C1 5000m, C4 500m), Giada Pragato (C2200m, C2500m, C4 500m), Big Bianca (C2200m, C2500m, C4 500m), Laura Bush (C2 mix 500 m)

(Cover photo: Kayak Chapa Huttner -Berkan World Cup Tire Announcement on July 19, 2022. Photo: Rica Szabo/Index)

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