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Tamás Leó Szecsődi dealt with the first part of the graduation paper written for today’s programme, which focuses on understanding and creating a short text.


According to the coach, it is worth about sixty minutes for the task of reading comprehension, because he believes that it will take half an hour to solve the task of creating a short text or discussion, which is a practical task. Fortunately, you can get forty points with the test. Although this task is a bit tricky, if someone feels they don’t understand the text after reading it once, the Hungarian teacher at Szent István High School shouldn’t feel sorry to play it again for a few more minutes.

To School – Hungarian Language and Literature 05

It is also important to read text-related tasks accurately and accurately, because superficial reading can miss a lot of points. The trainer also mentioned some examples of this and talked about the typical types of tasks, namely:

  • Distinguish between true or false statements
  • Chronology of events
  • Process each paragraph
  • Quick Quest Types: Reverse Numbers

There are also questions in comprehension tests that are not related to direct comprehension competence. Examples include vocabulary test tasks or vice versa when knowledge of foreign words is expected. But they can also assess rhetorical knowledge in the test, in which case knowledge of the topic is already given a greater share.

Create a short text

Since 2016, it has been part of the written matriculation certificate: an argument must be written or a text of one of the so-called practical types for which a student can get ten points must be written. The instructor reviewed the topics of previous years and then moved on to a practical writing assignment for the text, which usually includes formal style layer types – it could be a cover letter, a formal letter or a request, but a complaint, an appeal, an invitation or a solicitation may be needed. Oral types of rhetorical stylistics may also occur less frequently, such as speech, utterance, discussion, praise, and ceremonial speech. The coach gave an example of this, along with his tips and the risks of the tasks.

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