catalog – science – A new species of butterfly is named after an evil character from The Lord of the Rings

Scientists at the Natural History Museum in London have discovered a new species of butterfly. theZ name a new type of insect It was the responsibility of Blanca Huertas, the museum’s curator. The specialist did not choose just any name, because

About a well-known villain from the Lord of the Rings novels,

He named the new species Sauron.

the BBC According to the expert, he chose the name Sauron because this type of butterfly has black dots on its orange wings, so it looks exactly like the all-seeing eye as described in JRR Tolkien’s books.

London’s Natural History Museum hopes the unusual name will draw attention to the species and, at the same time, to butterfly research.

The scientists said

Two species of butterflies have been added to the Saurona genus: one is the Saurona triangula, and the otherand Saurona aurigera.

These two species are the first two members of the group, but more are expected to join them.

Experts analyzed more than 400 different species of butterflies before discovering the above species. As they wrote, after DNA tests, it became clear to them that there were genetic differences between Saurona species and other butterflies.

Before butterflies, other animals were named after Sauron. The villain’s glowing eyes have already been hinted at in the names of a dung beetle, frog, and dinosaur.