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Catalog – Offshore – A desperate search for the tourist submarine to the wreck of the Titanic

Catalog – Offshore – A desperate search for the tourist submarine to the wreck of the Titanic

the Watchman According to his article, the ship has already spent more than 96 hours under water, but it is not clear whether it is still there or has already surfaced, but it has not sent any signals yet. the New York Post He says it would be the “deepest” rescue in history if the crew could pull it off before the ship ran out of oxygen.

They only had about two days of oxygen left

He lost contact with the submarine less than two hours into the dive on Sunday. A British explorer, veteran French soldier, and submarine specialist may be on board the submarine in the deep sea.

US Coast Guard District Commander John Mauger, who is overseeing the search and rescue operation, said at a news conference late Monday afternoon that everything is being done to find the submarine and the people on board.

The US and Canadian ships and aircraft cover the area 1,450 kilometers east of Cape Cod, the US Coast Guard said, and some have dropped sonar buoys capable of tracking down to about 4,000 metres. Surface ,

Which means they have to search both the surface and the ocean at a depth of 13,000 feet (about 4,000 meters).

The US Northeast Coast Guard said the Ark Prince and the 106th Rescue Wing will continue a surface search through the evening local time.

According to the ship’s operator, OceanGate Expeditions, Titan has 96 hours of emergency oxygen, which means it has enough oxygen left for about two more days.

Although the wreck of the Titanic is located southeast of the coast of Newfoundland, Canadian authorities told the Guardian that the search is the responsibility of the US Coast Guard’s Boston fleet.

A British billionaire is also on board

One of those on board was believed to be Paul-Henri Nargolet, a former French Navy captain and deep-sea diver who was believed to be in command of the submarine. Nargeolet led several expeditions to the Titanic site and oversaw the recovery of 5,000 artifacts, including the resurfacing of a 20-ton piece of the Titanic’s hull.

British billionaire businessman Hames Harding was on board. The widely known explorer is one of the few tourists who have been to space. Before diving in, Harding wrote on his social media that thanks to Newfoundland’s worst winter in 40 years, this could be the only expedition to go to the Titanic in 2023.

The Titanic was a British passenger liner dubbed “unsinkable,” but it was lost on its maiden voyage in April 1912. The ship was traveling from Britain to the United States when it struck an iceberg. 2,224 passengers and 1,514 crew members perished in perhaps the most famous ship disaster ever. OceanGate began running tours two years ago with a mini-submarine capable of accommodating five people. The ticket costs 250 thousand dollars (more than 85.5 million HUF at the current exchange rate).

The expert is optimistic

According to expert Larry Daly, deep sea diving carries great risks, but as the years go by, the equipment and technology will become more advanced. Daly is very optimistic and positive about the rescue attempt for this very reason, writes A.J Fox News.

(Cover photo: US Coast Guard ships participating in the search for Titan in Boston on June 19, 2023. Photo: Joseph Prezioso/AFP)