Catalog - My home - Nurseries in Zugló are temporarily closed

Catalog – My home – Nurseries in Zugló are temporarily closed

Between April 1 and April 16, تشاapa Horvat, the district’s mayor, ordered an extraordinary shutdown of the member institutions of the Zugló United Nurseries in order to prevent infection hotspots from forming.

Nurseries have to close temporarily as more and more diseases occur and some member institutions have to close more than once.

One of the 12 member institutions of the Zugló Consolidated Nurseries remains closed, 389 of the 865 children registered in the other member institutions receive primary care.

During exceptional closure, two on-demand nurseries, the pioneering Mályva District Nursery (1141 Budapest, Mályva köz 12.) and the Móka-Laughter Nursery (1142 Budapest, Róna park 5–9.) provide supervision for young children whose parents cannot do so. Stay at home with them.

This action was initiated by Deputy Mayor Rebecca Szabo based on professional opinions.

According to the announcement, Zugló’s leadership is late, but considers it a right decision that the Orbán government decided to vaccinate school, kindergarten and nursery workers. It is also expected that by the end of the temporary closure, on April 16, all employees of the Zooglu nursery school will receive the vaccine if they request it. Residents of Zugló have been asked to follow pandemic regulations in order to protect themselves and the life and health of others, and who can do so to stay at home.

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