Catalog - Local - Ski camps are going on a tough track this year

Catalog – Local – Ski camps are going on a tough track this year

“We are very prepared for this year’s ski season, but it looks like the coronavirus is interfering again,” Antal Demeter told Index. About 100 to 150,000 children a year participate in school ski camps each year during an epidemic-free period, said the executive vice president of the Association of School Ski Instructors (ISE), but that number will be significantly lower this year.

like before inform usIn accordance with the staff decision, schools should apply for Emmi permission for group trips abroad, addressed to the Minister of Human Resources, at the email address [email protected]

These trips can only be allowed if the pupils concerned are protected or the trip cannot be canceled or postponed without financial loss.

Amy said earlier.

According to ISE, despite the strict rules, there are schools that have applied for licensing, and most have obtained one. In general, however, few teachers undertake to organize a trip abroad that will take on serious responsibilities even during the pandemic. Thus most ski camps can be conducted through ski schools and sports associations.

However, it is not enough to comply with domestic rules, foreign requirements must also be met. Unfortunately, the pandemic currently appears to be a problem in every country one can think of for skiing. Epidemiological regulations are constantly changing in Austria, Slovenia and Slovakia, with masks in all areas except for the tracks in most places, including elevators. In addition, even if a security clearance is not required for sports, hotels usually expect this

– Demeter Antal said, adding that prices have not changed significantly anyway, ski runs have become very expensive, especially in places where improvements have been made during the pandemic.

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Ski heaven is also taking strict precautions this season because, if we remember, in March 2020, only Tyrol It was one of the starting points for the coronavirus epidemic in Europe. Experts said at the time that the precautionary measures were taken too late in the Austrian province, although we know with almost certainty since then that the epidemic was somehow going to make its way.

Children’s health has deteriorated greatly

According to ISE Executive Vice President, children will be in dire need of sports programs such as ski camps, as the tolerance of many people has decreased dramatically during digital education.

Especially among primary school students, there is a lack of traditional physical education classes, it is difficult for them to bear the load, they tire quickly. In addition to movement, students will also be in great need of company and shared experiences, and due to their long-term confinement, their mental health remains uneven.

– said Antal Demeter, who is confident that even if he is not abroad, as many children as possible can visit the Hungarian ski resorts – Matrasentstefan and Ibleni.

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