Catalog - Hungary - Viktor Orban: Thank you, teachers and educators

Catalog – Hungary – Viktor Orban: Thank you, teachers and educators

Despite the difficult conditions, teachers and educators have also done an exemplary job, despite the inconveniences and dangers of fighting the virus, Prime Minister Viktor Orban wrote in a letter to Hungarian teachers.

The Prime Minister reminded that when the coronavirus epidemic hit Hungary in March 2020, we did not know exactly what difficulties we were facing, but soon we had to realize that controlling the epidemic required a rapid adjustment not only to the health care but also to the education system.

Almost a year and a half after us has also shown that teachers adapt quickly and effectively to changing circumstances in order to effectively educate the next generation.

– said Victor Urban, thanking teachers and educators for replacing work based on personal presence with great ingenuity.

He stressed that in order to improve working conditions, the government will continue the improvements it has started, which, like education, did not stop for a single day during the pandemic, and “everything is being done to increase respect for teachers’ work.”

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