Catalog - FOMO - Well Started Devil Nóra Little Shop

Catalog – FOMO – Well Started Devil Nóra Little Shop

07.09.2021. 10:27

Nóra Ördög and Pál Nánási, who became holiday home owners in Balatonakarattya and became small shopkeepers, were so wildly successful with me on Lake Balaton that a revival of the store became inevitable. In the new installment of the MOL Very Balaton and Index joint series, we now present their Love Project.

As holiday home owners, the convenience store was an important place to be in Balatonakarattya, so when it closed, Nóra Ördög and Pál Nánási immediately began inquiring if the place was for sale. At first the owner did not want to stand on a rope, but after a long coffee, he finally looked at them and said,

you know what? I’ll sell it to you though.

Renovation was not easy, the epidemic stopped everything, so they and their children grabbed a brush to paint the store. Soon, Lake Balaton opened before me.

The place was there, it should have been filled with life. It worked out well, the crowd kept growing, and the store’s success shattered the quiet in the neighborhood. It was soon realized that the street could not tolerate such traffic, so they started building another so I could receive clients at Lake Balaton.

The convenience store became a good big box store, with a garden area, near the main road, and plenty of parking space. What remains is the special choice and friendly service.

(Cover Image: Best of Balaton)

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