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Catalog - Economy - Residential solar panel installation could get easier and faster

Catalog – Economy – Residential solar panel installation could get easier and faster

Minister of State for Energy Attila Steiner has made an official announcement with an important announcement On his Facebook pageResidential solar panel installation is getting simpler and faster.

He wrote: Their goal is to increase the use of locally available and environmentally friendly solar energy in accordance with the terms of the Nature and Climate Protection Action Plan, as well as the security aspects of supply, as the country’s natural resources are the best in this region.

He added: Thanks to government support, the use of solar energy is increasing more and more.

Our country already has a solar capacity of more than one and a half times that of the nuclear power plant in Pak – currently around 3.3 GW – and we will reach the planned 6 GW target for 2030 much sooner

– announced the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The installation of solar energy systems will be facilitated, thus speeding up and simplifying the possibility of connection. According to Steiner, it is very important to maintain grid stability and supply security as well as increase the amount of renewable electricity production.

Accordingly, the supply option for newly connected residential solar systems will be temporarily suspended.

Affected producers can continue to use the electricity they produce for their own purposes.

The Secretary of State advised those concerned to install the batteries so that generated power would be available even when the weather did not allow the solar panels to operate.

Thus households can not only produce their own energy, but also store it, that is, they do not depend on the central network.

Attila Steiner confirmed that the government will also promote its installation by launching an energy storage subsidy programme. This may become relevant when EU funds arrive.

The goal is to enhance household energy security

The suspension of feeding is expected to continue until the network is developed and demands are balanced due to the growth of renewable systems.

“The goal is for the grid to be able to absorb significantly more green energy than before, and therefore, after the negotiations with the European Union are over, we plan to spend a significant part of the European Union’s financial resources on green transformation and the development of the power grid.”

Attila Steiner sees it this way: if this is achieved, a grid capable of receiving a large amount of renewable energy can be formed in Hungary, which can enhance the energy security of Hungarian households.

The profitability of solar energy systems can jump dramatically

The president of the Hungarian Association of Solar Panels and Solar Collectors (MNNSZ) told the Index that a significant waste can be caused by banning solar energy recovery, since unused energy during the day cannot be supplied at a later time, moreover, the yield on the installation can double Solar System.

“All the professional public was surprised by the announcement made on Thursday in Kormányinfo,” Ernie Kiss, head of the Ministry of the Interior, told our newspaper. Government effort so far.

Some lobby interests are fighting against each other in the energy sector, and this has now reached another milestone. Since the beginning of last year, it has not been possible to develop a commercial power plant in Hungary. The industrial and commercial players were previously restricted, so they couldn’t feed energy again for two years

– He informed Ernie Kiss, who confirmed that the procedure would immediately cancel not only the re-feeding of families, but also the settlement of the balance.

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