Catalog - Culture - The squid game that conquered the world was made with the Hungarians

Catalog – Culture – The squid game that conquered the world was made with the Hungarians

There is so little talk of the Hungarian thread in the Hungarian press that our magazine only learned from a letter from a violinist that the series’ background music was borrowed by a Hungarian band, and even the recordings were made in Hungary.

Hollywood in Budapest

Bálint Sapszon has been living in Los Angeles since 2007. After graduating from UCLA (Department of Film Composing), he started his career in Hollywood and founded the Budapest Record. Ensemble, choir, big band – Budapest record musicians stand their ground in all genres and formations. With so many great musicians, sound engineers and professionals based in Hungary, Bálint’s goal was to connect Hollywood’s demand with the Hungarian show. Movies, TV series, video games, music recordings – they have expanded their portfolio over the past decade to break into international laurels.

Budapest Registry experts have been working with South Korean filmmakers for years. Associated with the band’s name parasites Also four Oscar-winning movie machines and soundtrack recording. The Squid-projekt . game Not much of that parasites It was then achieved.

When we were working on the music for the Squid game, we didn’t know exactly what it was about. The large band and symphony orchestra also contributed to the recordings. In each episode, trumpeter Laszlo Toth will perform the Johann Strauss Orbit of the Blue Danube and Haydn trumpet competition. The orchestral recordings of classical music, big jazz band and original film music were all recorded in Budapest

Said Balint Sabsson, who is the arranger of the music on the series with Elk Norbert.

In the case of the classics, we had an easier time because the compositions were written, which we just had to take again. In the musical composition of the classics, Peter Eleni gave a prominent role to the conductor. I got the clip cut under other scenes, and I had to write an original soundtrack. It can be heard during the first match Fly me to the moon I had to arrange a large evergreen ensemble. She had to dress work in a new dress to fit the scene. I got a free hand from the director on this, but I also had to follow his instructions, eg I was asked to speed up the music when the players start running.

– to explain Most popular series, creative scene about the symbolic scene of the coordinator.

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It is true that Hungarian singers were recorded as well, but in the end a Korean lady – specifically her voice – was chosen by director Hvang Dongguk.

The Korean composer for Squid Game is Csong Dzseil, with whom he has been working with the Budapest Record for many years, and his compositions have also been recorded by musicians of the Budapest Squidding Orchestra in Budapest, Hungaroton and Pannonia Studios.

It can give the scenes a strange and weird feeling that players are performing on songs that sound sweet and fun. Balint Sabson said that parasites He also found it unusual during this time for directors to choose cheerful classical music as the backdrop for such a depressing show.

The parasitesBrutal things happened, too, but baroque music was played during the rough scenes. This is also the result of an ugly administrative decision. Although the director in Squid was different, it seems to be common among Koreans that everything that happens in the film is supported by the exact opposite in the music. When I got to the scene, my first question was: Are you sure the director wants that kind of music? I was shocked, but after the parasites, I actually managed to get the problem in place.

There are a series of brutal images in the series, which become more shocking with the background music and achieve their effect a lot.

We are proud that we Hungarians can be part of this global success

said the composer.

(Cover Image: Laszlo Varga)

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