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Catalog – Abroad – Excavated by King Charles II. Elizabeth’s revenge

Catalog – Abroad – Excavated by King Charles II.  Elizabeth’s revenge

secondly. The High Court heard that Queen Elizabeth personally threatened Rupert Murdoch’s media company with legal action over the phone hack, only to have Prince Charles undermine her efforts at the time.

Prince Harry said his father stepped in because he wanted to make sure The Sun supported his accession to the throne and Camilla’s role as heir to the throne, and he had “a specific long-term strategy to keep the media on his side when the time came,” he wrote. Watchman.

The Duke of Sussex made the allegations on Tuesday as part of legal action against News Group Newspapers. The case exposes deals between senior members of the British royal family and tabloids.

The scandal unfolded between 2005 and 2007 in connection with the wiretapping of the British royal family’s voicemails by a private investigator working for a News of the World journalist. It was a precursor to the wider News International phone-hacking scandal, which unfolded in 2009 and exploded in 2011 when it was revealed that the wiretapping had occurred on a much larger scale. The failure of the police investigation in 2011 became part of a wider scandal.

In 2017, Prince Harry decided to demand an apology from Murdoch News UK for the phone hack, and received a second for it. Support of Queen Elizabeth and her brother. His letter read: “Vilmos was very understanding and supportive and agreed we should do it. That’s why he suggested I ask Grandma for permission. I get it.”

(Cover photo: King Karoli on March 31, 2023. Photo: Phil Noble/AFP)