Catalin Novak: The fact that Fidesz sits in the same group with the AfD in the Council of Europe has nothing to do with them

Zsolt Németh, Chairman of Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Zsolt Németh, announced that Fides’ delegation has joined the group called “European Conservatives – Democratic Alliance” in the Council of Europe. The main players in the group are the British Conservative Party, the Polish Law and Justice Party (PiS) and two Italian parties, the League and Fratelli d’Italia, but the German nationalist party AfD is also a member of this group.

Catalin Novak does not consider joining a faction with a declared nationalist party a politically sensitive matter. The For automated transport vehicles “We do not have a bilateral relationship with the AfD. Our partners in Germany are the trade union parties, the CDU and the CSU. This is still the case, and we do not intend to change that,” he said. According to him, Fidesz’s relationship with the AfD is only technical in the Council of Europe.

Catalin Novak, Vice President of Vids.Photo: Gergely Botár /

Vice President Fides also said that the British Conservatives are the main force of the faction. In his view, the accusation that they are at the head of a democratically unorganized coalition would be a “stark statement.” Moreover, “political groups are a more flexible coalition than they are in the European Parliament”.

However, when asked by ATV if he still ruled out the possibility of Fides participating in a joint faction with the AfD in the European Parliament, Catalin Nowak said: “At the moment I don’t see any opportunity at all.”

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