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CAT phones with satellite connection are expected - Mobilarena news for smartphones

CAT phones with satellite connection are expected – Mobilarena news for smartphones

Bullitt announced that they will soon provide satellite connectivity as a service, even on devices from other manufacturers.

The Huawei Mate 50 . models are already capable of text-based communication anywhere, anytime, and the American T-Mobile and Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (better known as SpaceX) not too long ago announceThe second generation of Starlink satellites will be able to communicate with thousands of smartphones used in a specific area at the same time, without the user needing additional devices.


The Bullitt Group, which makes CAT, Kodak and Land Rover devices, is also entering the aerospace business, and its devices will be able to switch between WiFi, mobile and satellite connectivity without interruption. This has been confirmed by the company’s co-founder, Richard Wharton, to the BBC, and the official trailer has already appeared on the Bullitt website.

The manufacturer’s new devices, expected in the first district season of 2023, will be able to exploit the capabilities of satellites in the field of SMS messages, users of devices that do not use the Bullitt system can use the Bullitt app, but the service provides a connection to the satellite You will be charged monthly, whether you have a phone CAT or a phone from another manufacturer of our device.

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