Caracas and Bob also won bronze medals in the Tel Aviv Juggling Grand Slam

Caracas and Bob also won bronze medals in the Tel Aviv Juggling Grand Slam

Majarian also opened with a bronze medal in the Tel Aviv Grand Slam tournament. European silver medalist Caracas Hedwig defeated Teresa Stolle and Rica Pope over Spain’s Estrella Lopez.

The best contestant on opening day was Frenchwoman Shireen Buckley, who faced two-time world champion Ukraine Daria Belouded in the final. The young offender was not afraid of the experienced opponent, so he took him to Earth with a beautiful move.

Silvan Adams, the famous Israeli-Canadian sports sponsor, awarded him the gold medal.

“This match was full of emotions. I had a good time. I didn’t remember what I was doing, I was just listening to my instincts. Then it ended suddenly because I won,” said Sherine Buckley.

Among the men, Daoud Mamadsoyi from Azerbaijan gave an unforgettable performance, and in the finals the indoor hook-throw against the Georgian Nozadze was unforgettable.

Businessman sponsor Michael Michali awarded him the International Sports Federation award.

Britain’s Chelsea Giles defeated Hungarian Pupp Réka first, then Olympic champion Majlinda Kelmendi to compete with Israeli Gili Cohen for the gold medal in the final. British judo finally ended the battle with an amazing choke.

Received the medal from Israeli Sports Minister Haley Trooper for his well-deserved victory.

In the 66-pound category, Spaniard Gaitero Martin compared his strength to Belarusian Dmitry Minko, and the match ended with the Spanish knight’s tactical victory.

Carlos Zigara, Director of Sports for Latin America at the International Jogger Federation, awarded him the gold medal.

“Well, in the event of an epidemic, everyone wants to finally be free from going anywhere. In this sense, Tel Aviv is a wonderful place. The organization is great: there are reasonable security measures, and everyone knows what it is doing. Every fleet goes,” said the Spanish Knight.

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Timna Nelson Levy brought the Israeli host’s delight: He demonstrated the disguised dominance of the local judo through decisive hunting and fall to the ground. The prize for his victory over the Frenchwoman, Sarah Cisek, was received from Alex Gladi, a member of the International Olympic Committee and vice-president of the Organizing Committee for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The nicest move on the first day of the Tel Aviv competition was Ebon Singh Saini from India: his big hip throw was perfect, and it could be taught.

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