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Car won't open? Don't despair, there is a solution!

Car won't open?  Don't despair, there is a solution!

A car can be prevented from being unlocked by a number of technical faults – fortunately, all of them can be corrected without damaging the car. In our article, we present the most frequently occurring technical problems and their solutions. Moreover, we have summarized the door opening methods that no driver should try.

The remote control and locking system play the most important role in unlocking the car. Therefore, it is not surprising that most drivers stuck outside the passenger compartment can look for faults in these systems. Follow the most common mistakes!

The battery in the remote control is empty

There are usually small batteries in the car remote control, which are usually 3 volts, so their average lifespan is 3-5 years. Since it's easy to forget to replace them, one of the most common failures is a dead battery.

It is worth paying attention to the early signs: when the battery capacity begins to decrease, the strength of the radio signal decreases at the same time. After a while, the remote no longer works remotely.

The solution could be to use a spare key and replace the battery, which can be done with your own hands. However, it is important to choose an item that meets the manufacturer's specifications and act professionally during installation.

Remote control failure

Like any other technical equipment, a remote control wears out over time. As a common result of wear and tear, the unlock button malfunctions, so the remote is unable to send a radio signal to the locked system.

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Not only normal use can damage the sensitive remote control! Corrosion caused by moisture, sand, dust and other micro-contaminants getting into the device's electronics can lead to inoperability.

With a replacement remote for the problem, repairing or replicating the faulty device could be the solution. A stuck button and electronic error cannot be fixed at home, so you must hire a professional.

The battery is dead

In many cases, a battery that has been left turned on for lighting, radio, or other reasons is unable to provide a sufficient amount of current for a closed system. Fortunately, the situation can be easily resolved! If we have access to the engine compartment, replacing the battery or charging the battery can help us get into the car. If it is not possible to replace the battery, it is inevitable to contact an unlocking specialist.

The lock key is missing or left in the car

Have you forgotten or lost your key in the car? The obvious solution is to use a spare key – but what do you do if you're not home? Fortunately, it is also possible to open a car without damage if you have the experience and the right tools. However, this requires the help of a professional locksmith, who can disable your car's locking system within minutes.

The locking mechanism is damaged

The remote is working properly, the battery is not dead – what could be causing the problem? In such a case, there is likely a failure in the locking system in the background. Since fixing the lock system requires a qualified auto mechanic or locksmith, this fault cannot be corrected on your own.

Don't do these things if the car won't open!

As the above list shows, opening the door without damage can be solved in any case. If you want to avoid expensive and even life-threatening attempts to open the door, you should definitely refrain from the following methods.

  • Luggage rack or door extension: By applying pressure to the doors and trunk, expensive damage can be done to the delicate locking system and even to the vehicle's bodywork. The cost of repairing them can reach hundreds of thousands of forints, so we do not recommend them under any circumstances.
  • Pressing or breaking a window: Squeezing or breaking windows is extremely dangerous, as flying glass shards can cause serious injury. It is strictly forbidden to break the glass or press it forcefully!

Lightning Car Unlock: Lightning-fast help when you need it most

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