The special sports car in Stuttgart, allegedly for sale now, was born in 1956.

We wrote in 1954 when a mercedes He came up with his first SL form, the type designation of which consists of the initial letters of the German words Super Leicht (Super Lite). The W198 remained in production until 1963, during which time 1,400 gull coupes and 1,858 roadster convertibles left the production line.

Many consider it the sports car of this century and more recently We also tested the Mercedes 300 SL The so-called standard versions cost hundreds of millions of forints, and the value of the all-aluminum chassis version, which is produced in only 29 units, can exceed one billion forints.

We were lucky enough to try the German license plate specialty in Budapest


And now it has appeared on the scene more rare than rare Mercedes 300 SLR Uhlenhaut The coupe named after Rudolf Ullenhout, the former head of the manufacturer’s testing department, of which only two copies were made.

The Specialized car, which could be considered a street racing car, was recently sold by Mercedes and someone paid 135 million euros, or about 52 billion forints.

The sale, vented from several sources, has not yet been officially confirmed, and due to the size of the amount, the identity of the buyer may never be revealed.

The most expensive car in the world is officially 1963 Ferrari 250 GTOof which 70 million dollars (26 billion HUF) in 2018.

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