From September, cars traveling abroad must use the “UK” sticker.

Another symbolic moment of leaving the union would be that the islanders of the island nation would have to replace the long-used GB (Great Britain) stickers on their cars.

According to an article in British Autoexpress The GB label has been in use for 111 years, but the UK leadership has already indicated to the United Nations (UN) that it will change its distinctive mark, as a result of which the label will change from “GB” to “UK”.

The transition to the new type of label would follow a few months after the new license plates were introduced in the island nation, without the EU stars of course.

The interesting thing about the change is that Northern Ireland, which is not part of the British Isles, is now forced to use a license plate or sticker marked “GB” due to EU regulations, which, of course, locals object to. For the Northern Irish, the problem has now already been resolved with the UK candidacy.

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