The first zero-emission SUV from AvtoVAZ has appeared on the scene.

Lada Niva could not avoid its fate either, as it became an electric car. This is brand new, and still only in the prototype stage Niva electronic:

The performance of the four-wheel drive novelty ranges between 82 and 163 horsepower, and the lithium-ion battery with a capacity of only 34 kilowatt-hours allows a range of about 175 kilometers.

It is important to note that the e-Niva is not based on the original VAZ-2121, which was called 4×4 for a long time and was later renamed Niva Legend, but on its more modern sister model, the Niva Travel which debuted in 2021 and will undergo a makeover. Beautification coming soon.

The Niva Legend, now 47 years old, is still in production, and there's a good chance it will remain available until the end of the decade.

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