Captain Ledeen Hewitt on Australia

Australia’s Davis Cup captain Leighton Hewitt is excited about this year’s Davis Cup action match. Australia will play Hungary in the Davis Cup qualifiers in Sydney this weekend. Hewitt nominated Alex de Minart, Alexei Baberin, Tanasi Kokinakis, John Pearce and Luke Savile.

As for Australian tennis, Hewitt said it was “nice to get the boys together”. “They had a hard time getting out for a few weeks, then straight back and then back to my Masters series.

“But the feeling around the team was great. The guys really fit into the culture of the group and support each other in every exercise.” Roche (Coach Tony Roach) I can’t be proud of all the players; I am very happy with that.

Hewitt de Minaur reveals the message

Hewitt revealed that de Minaur visited himself at the end of the 2021 season and was ready to do what his captain had to do. De Minaur has been under Hewitt’s division since the beginning of his career, and De Minaur definitely has one thing in common with Hewitt: the rival hub.

Hewitt was one of the greatest fighters and competitors of his era, and de Minaur has the same qualities. “He came back to me late last year and said, ‘Whatever you want from me, in singles, doubles, any time we play, I’m ready, no matter who’s against. So it wasn’t surprising that he was a kid,'” Hewitt noted.

“I’m very happy with the way he hit the ball this time, but he’s also a great teammate, he’s there to support everyone on the field.” We’re really trying to bring that culture back. to the Davis Cup.

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