Capcom is setting us up for a Resident Evil 4 remake with a puzzle

Before Capcom Spotlight, we can immerse ourselves in the revamped world of Resident Evil.

HP has already been fortunate enough to see more than 17 minutes of a Resident Evil 4 remaster, from which it hasn’t yet been able to draw any serious conclusions, but based on taste, the remaster seems to be exactly what we want to remember the original.

Perhaps soon not only the press, but anyone will be able to catch a glimpse of the gameplay, because Capcom will be holding its online broadcast on the night of March 9, from 11:30 pm local time, where it will play Resident Evil among many other games. On the other hand, he wants to get the fans in the mood until then, so he starts a kind of viral marketing via Reddit.

It is an alternate reality game (ARG) in which we can experience and create a narrative through our situation in the real world. For the Resident Evil 4 remake ARG, a post titled “Baby Eagle is missing” appeared on the Resident Evil subreddit from Agent Green, who asks for help in finding a young girl – presumably the chief’s daughter, Ashley Graham – who has serious implications for the Resident Evil remake. 4. In a Tale of Evil 4.

Single search Through a website created for this purpose We can do this, we need to examine the documents and photographic evidence and then give the correct answer to move on. After two answers, the system informs you that the next information will come the next day, so the investigation will probably continue until Capcom Spotlight.

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Thanks to the ARG, we can take part in the events of the Resident Evil 4 remake even before the story begins, and fortunately, the release is not far away, as it is already coming to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X on March 24 to / S .

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