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Can't find your phone? This is how you can contact him without calling him – Terrace

Can't find your phone?  This is how you can contact him without calling him – Terrace

Sometimes you mess with your phone. At best, he puts it somewhere, then forgets about it and turns the apartment into a needle when he finds it. In the worst case, he forgets it somewhere, and in the worst case, he leaves it or it is stolen from him. It is useful in every situation Google device search servicewhich offers users several options in their difficult situation.

Works with Android devices that have previously added a Google account. It can also be used to search for smartphones, tablets, and smart watches. You need another device, laptop, phone or tablet to use it. You are using a browser Downloaded from Google Play Also available as an app.

What can Device Finder do?

Conditions for the functions to operate are that the device must be logged into a Google account at the time of searching, the site must be running, it must be connected to the Internet, and the battery must not run out. If these conditions are met, you can choose between four positions.


Device Finder identifies and indicates the exact location of the device on a map. It displays the network through which you are connected to the Internet, as well as the battery charge percentage.

Audio playback

If you suspect the phone is within close range, playing the sound can be very helpful. With this function, you can ring the device for 5 minutes, which will play the ringtone exactly as if there was an incoming call – even if it is in silent mode.

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Lock the device

Neither GPS nor audio playback helped? It is also possible to lock the device with a password or PIN. At this point, the service will also sign you out of your Google Account, but your site may still work. A message or phone number can also be displayed on the lock screen. This can be useful if you want the device finder to know which contact number to notify it of.

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Delete the contents of the device

If the situation is bad and you want to be sure, you can reset the entire contents of the device using Device Finder, so that your personal data, photos and messages do not fall into unauthorized hands. Be careful, because this option deletes everything from the device permanently! After you select it, you won't be able to use Device Finder either. More special details You can find it in Google Help.

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