Canadian hockey team is coming to the Olympics with an NHL hit

Three stars, Sidney Crosby, Conor McDavid and Alex Petrangelo, will definitely be on the Canadian hockey team that will play at the Beijing Olympics next February.

According to the website of the American Professional League (NHL), team manager Doug Armstrong said: The names of the three players have already been submitted to the Canadian Olympic Committee, which will issue accreditation to the International Olympic Committee.

You can read on the NHL website that participating teams have been contacted with the following request: Name three players they are sure to count on at the Beijing Olympics. For the first time, the Canadian national team complied and signed with three players. A month ago it was decided that the best of the NBA would be there at the Olympics, and they would only walk away from it due to a possible “explosion” of the coronavirus. Of course, the three hockey players just named may be disqualified because their venue is not windy, inappropriate, or because they are banned.

There will be NHL hits in the Canadian teamSource: Getty Images via AFP / 2016 Getty Images / Bruce Bennett

The 34-year-old Crosby from Pittsburgh is a three-time Stanley Cup winner (2009, 2016, 2017), World Cup winner (2016), World Champion (2015), and two-time Olympic champion (2010, 2014). At the 2010 Vancouver Games, he won the gold medal against the Americans in overtime. The greatest star of the last decade, he scored 1039 goals and 1325 points (486 goals, 839 assists).

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The 24-year-old McDavid of Edmonton was the NHL star in 2015, was a three-time point king, world champion in 2016, and produced 574 points (195, 379) in 407 games. The striker has not yet played in the Olympics.

The 31-year-old Petrangelo from Vegas is one of the best defenders in the world, Olympic champion in 2014, champion in 2016, and Stanley Cup winner in 2019 with the St. Louis Blues.

Male contestants appearing in Beijing must submit a 55 person fee on October 15.

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