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Canadian hockey player does not participate in the Spengler Cup

Canadian hockey player does not participate in the Spengler Cup

Given the consequences of the coronary law, the Canadian hockey player will not be in the news, from December 26-31. Ben Spengler Coppen in Davos.

The Canadian Federation has said it wants to preserve the health and safety of players, coaches and staff in the emerging world.

“We have a long tradition of being Spengler Cup players and it is disappointing that we are unable to attend this prestigious event this time around,” said Tom Rainey, President of the Canadian Alliance. “However, we must make sure this is the right decision to protect the health and safety of our players, coaches and support staff who will be representing Canada.”

It can be argued that if the NHL strike does not start at the February Olympics in Beijing due to the new wave of coronary artery disease, the game in Europe could be built on a portion of the European Games, and the risk of injury should be reduced.

He missed the 1923 Spengler Cup last year, also due to Covid, and Canada won their last downhill championship in 2019. The Maple Leaf team will be replaced by Slovan Bratislava.

Switzerland’s Embry-Biotta also scrapped the six-team cup this year, replacing it with a mixed squad of SC Burn, SCL Tigers and EHC Bell.

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