Canada refuses to send sports to the Olympics

They announced at dawn that Canada would not send sports to the Olympics or the Paralympics. The decision is also supported by local sports federations and the Canadian government. Canada has formed an International Olympic Committee to postpone the start of the Tokyo Olympics on July 24.

The Canadian Olympic Committee statement makes it clear that this decision was made not only for the health of the athlete, but for the health of all people. In this case, the athlete will not be able to continue training under normal conditions. There are more important things in this global crisis than sports and the Olympic Games. We believe the IOC has not canceled the 2020 Olympic Games. The IOC recognizes that suppression of coronary heart disease is now a major issue in every country. We are in a global crisis that is much more important than the Olympics.”

Canadian Olympic Team Arrivals for London 2012 Olympic OpeningSource: Agence France-Presse / Saeed Khan

The Canadian Paralympic Committee has announced that it does not intend to send athletes with disabilities to Japan. The Paralympic Games will begin on August 25, 2020 in Tokyo.

After the announcement in Canada, the Australian Olympic Committee also concluded. The management team there agreed that in the current situation the Australian Olympic team could not be forced to play in Tokyo. The Australian Olympic Committee sent the national athlete to participate in the 2021 Olympics. However, it has not been said that they will not send sports to the 2020 event.

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source: NBC Sports

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