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Canada is the world champion for the 28th time, tied twice!

Canada is the world champion for the 28th time, tied twice!

In the Finnish-Latvian World Ice Hockey Championship final, Germany twice led unsuccessfully against Canada, and the outside team scored three goals in the third period to win their 28th World Championship title, and with that they stand alone at the top. In the World Cup ratings bypassing the Russians. After 70 years, the Germans can rejoice at the silver of the World Cup.

Blais (79) had a huge World Cup Gold advantage by two goals (Photo: IIHF)

Germany for the first time, or Canada, the record holder for the 28th time?

This is the only question that remains to be answered before the final match of this year’s World Cup. Even before the final, it was certain that the Germans could achieve the greatest success in the World Cup in their modern history of hockey, since they last won the silver of the World Championships in 1953, in the “heroic era”, but then the tournament was held in a completely different format , and only European teams participated in it, and they took part in it.

However, the past did not seem to matter much to the Germans, who won the semi-final against the United States in overtime, who faced the Maple Leafs, and in the eighth minute – the one that also scored against us – John Petrka through which they gained the lead. The Canadians quickly converted and only two minutes later Samuel Bliss Draw.

Petrka goal

The balanced game continued into the second 20th minute, and at the beginning of the second half of the third period, the Germans again regained the advantage with a very lucky shot: the puck shot bounced off twice. Daniel Fishbuch I went ahead of him, and he scooped it up in such a way that the puck crossed the goal line from the base of the goal post on the right side after another goal.

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Fishbusch’s lucky goal

Three minutes before half-time, the internationals equalized again, this too was a rebound goal, but unlike the German goal, it was more conscious: in the man advantage, Peyton Krebs fired the ball straight into the net. Lawson Krause to his bat, as the puck fell undefended in the upper left corner, 2-2.

Crosson arrives

In the third trimester, Canada switched to a higher speed, s Belize With his second goal at the end of the fifth minute, he took the lead for the first time in the final – and a few moments later a two-goal lead was within reach, but that chance was lost.

Until now.

The Germans continued to move forward steadily, but they did not reach any really dangerous shots, in fact, after taking possession of the puck, the fast-moving captain of the Canadian team Tyler Tufoli At the end of a beautiful individual action, he scored a wonderful goal into the square of the German goal of Matthias Niederberger, who was barely able to move to take the shot.

Tivoli decides

In the remaining eight minutes, the Germans attacked more and more desperately, in addition, they knocked down their guard three and a half minutes before the end, but could not take advantage of the advantage that the extra striker gave. Scott Lawton He scored into the empty net to make it 5-2, giving the answer to the question above: Canada for the 28th time.

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Moreover, with this success, the Maple Leafs overtake the Russians by 27 in the all-time standings for World Series titles.

World Championship
Germany-Canada 2-5
(1–1, 1–1, 0–3)

for third place
USA – Latvia 3-4 (2–2, 0–0, 1–1, 0–1) – In overtime

The final result of the tournament
1. Canada
2. Germany
3. Latvia
4. United States

5. Switzerland
6. Sweden
7. Finland
8. Czech Republic

9. Slovakia
10. Denmark
11. Kazakhstan
12. France
13. Norway
14. Austria

He fell:
15. Hungary
16. Slovenia

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