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Canada is mapping trails in the sport >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News

Canada is mapping trails in the sport >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News

Sail Canada has launched its new Long Term Development in Sailing (LTDS) model. Called the LTDS 3.0, the model responds to developments in sailing and the sport since the first version was introduced in 2011.

LTDS 3.0 is an important part of supporting Sail Canada's long-term vision for the country as a leading international sailing nation, proud of its world-class athletes, lifelong participants, and inclusive culture. Sail Canada's new LTDS is available at

This outcome came from many direct discussions with a wide range of athletes, coaches, trainers and program leaders across the country, and was built using established sports best practices as well as the practical experience of those involved in the sport. Canadian Sailing Society.

“This new, long-term development model aims to clarify pathways in the sport, create meaningful competitions, and promote more cohesive and supportive programs,” said Don Adams, CEO of Sail Canada. “It is useful for coaches, trainers and clubs in their programmes, as well as for athletes and parents to better understand the different sailing paths.

“It is also important that everyone understands the basic principles of our sport, the programs available and how they fit together, and how we can best meet the needs of different participants. It is also an important part of how we develop and improve our programs and products to become more cohesive and inclusive.”

“I would like to thank 94 Forward for their support in updating our LTDS model, without which this project would not have been possible. I would also like to thank Sports for Life for their research and support, the staff members for their dedication and hard work, and Sail Canada Project Lead, Eric Van Dear Paul, Sail Canada's Western National Training Center instructor and development manager.

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“LTDS 3.0 is the foundation from which we can continue to develop and advance our programs and practices. It demonstrates the wide range of interconnected paths in sailing: from entry level at any age, to sailing around the world, to success at the highest level of competition, sailing over the life.

“It demonstrates the fundamental principles within the sport, how the sailing community can better adapt to support different participants, and how we can develop our programs to be more collaborative and effective.”d knit.

“It is a new resource for participants, coaches, trainers and program leaders and draws from a variety of topics; from positive values ​​to sport management, developing welcoming and inclusive spaces, coaching teenage participants, and developmental milestones.

“As a result of this project, and along with the upcoming updated CANSail materials, Sail Canada is excited to develop new programs to support foiling and competitive pathways, to use these materials to enhance the training of new and experienced instructors/coaches, and to promote lifelong sailing for all participants.

“We are determined to better support sailing in Canada by developing a more comprehensive and cohesive program structure as well as by modernizing curriculum and training. We are working to embed the LTDS 3.0 framework into our strategy, training and programs. More coming soon. Stay tuned!”

Source: Seal Canada

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