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Canada is indeed the most attractive destination

Canada is indeed the most attractive destination

The United States has lost its leading position in the ranking of foreign workers’ destinations.

The reordering of the most popular foreign destination countries in terms of employment is a good reflection of how effectively each country is managing the pandemic:

Workers will be happy to work in countries where the epidemic has been successfully suppressed

It is the result of a survey of 209,000 people in 190 countries. A joint study by the Boston Consulting Group and Network Recruitment Company asked employees around the world between October and December of last year which countries they would work in and which of the most important considerations when choosing.

Almost all countries – including the United States, France, Italy and Spain – that have fallen into the rankings, have had a difficult time fighting the coronavirus epidemic last year.

The study found that although Germany has handled the epidemic better than average, public health difficulties in Europe may have contributed to the country’s decline in popularity among foreign workers.

In contrast, in countries that have dealt effectively with the epidemic, foreign workers prefer to work.

As a result, the popularity of the Asia-Pacific countries improved in the rankings, with Japan jumping four places forward and recently adding Singapore and New Zealand to the list.

Photo: George Rose / Getty Images

The successful management of the epidemic helped Canada ranked first and Australia closely ranked third.

Survey respondents said that not only did these countries deal with the epidemic better than the United States, but also had a better social system and a more open culture than Americans.

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In addition to being ranked first in the overall ranking, Canada is the most popular company in terms of workforce, among those with a PhD, and among those under the age of thirty, most want to move here. The survey, conducted for the third time since 2014, shows that far fewer people will move abroad for work due to the pandemic.

While in 2014, about two-thirds of workers worldwide were open to such a decision, that percentage has since decreased by 13 percentage points, to about half.

It is not only the pandemic, but also stricter immigration policy regulations and social unrest that have contributed to this trend.

Although the desire to move abroad has decreased among workers, a new trend has emerged: 57 percent of respondents would be open to working from home for an employer who is not physically present in their home country. This level far exceeds the proportion of workers available for physical resettlement.

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