Canada did not stand against Panama because of the financial dispute

Canada did not stand against Panama because of the financial dispute

Due to a financial dispute, the Canadian soccer team did not stand up to Panama in Sunday’s preparatory game in Vancouver.

Canadian footballers want to improve the situation for their players and women (Photo: AFP)

Players have been in conflict with their Homeland Alliance since March. Among other things, I want to improve the conditions of the female players. They are demanding 40 percent of the World Championship prize money, as well as cover their travel expenses for the team, comparable pay to women’s national team players, the development of the women’s league, and demand that the alliance’s work be more transparent. .

In their letter they wrote that “The Canadian Federation disrespects their team, and jeopardizes efforts to raise standards and promote the sport more effectively.” They added that they hope the authorities will take decisive steps to work together so that they can play in preparations for Curaçao in Vancouver on Thursday. The players also apologized to the Canadian and Panamanian fans for canceling the match.

Nick Pontes, The Canadian Federation president told a news conference that he was very disappointed with the players’ decision.

They got a fair offer he added. – The Alliance works in good faith with the players to find a way that is fair to all. We want to continue the fact-based debate while staying within the financial realities that the alliance has to live with every day. We are ready to continue working with the players immediately towards our shared goal of delivering the best performance as we approach Qatar.”

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The Canadian team – who reached the World Cup again after 1986 – were reluctant to train for days, eventually not even standing out in Sunday’s warm-up match. Canada will meet Belgium, Morocco and the Netherlands in the World Cup group stage.


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