Canada caught Tonga, a pointless Scottish success against the Georgians

Canada caught Tonga, a pointless Scottish success against the Georgians

In the second round of the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, Canada, Georgia and Samoa entered the stadium for the first time in the tournament. Canada’s victory over Tonga is a surprise, and Samoa’s rich success over Namibia is a piece of paper, but the Scots suffered greatly in a confrontation with the brutal Georgians, which we have not seen before in the current World Cup matches.

Scotland 0-0 Georgia (Photo: Action Images)


In the first round, the favorite as host against New Zealand was honorable, somewhat defeated, and even reached the finish line. From Tonga It was expected to improve on Wednesday Canada against. On the other hand, North Americans thought otherwise.

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The two groups are separated by only two places in the current world rankings – Tonga at 12th and Canada at 14th – but the paper model promised a struggling but sure ocean victory. Well, there was no complaint about the quarrel, but the odds were disappointing. To no avail, Tonga Siali Betawu scored two goals alone, and Canada, which had more power in his hair, scored two goals in the closing race. The first goal of the meeting was them. Tonga scored their first point in the World Cup, but it was just a losing reward for the match of the day – it was a loss of less than seven points for the losing side – hardly anticipated.

For the Scots They do not currently have a similar squad for the international elite, they are happy to keep their positions in front of the midfield. This was clearly evident in Romania’s first round, this time Georgia against. However, the participant was interesting at least (34-23 wins, six goals in total), the sequel was out of the question. The Georgians, who were very good in defense, did not allow the Scots a single goal, so Dan Parks collected his team’s points from penalties and dropouts. Of course, the Scottish victory over the Georgians, who were less powerful in attack, was not even threatened by Barks with omitting three penalties in the pouring rain.

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Namibia Once again, he bravely fought a commendable battle against a nationally ranked national team, Samoa He kindly thanked you and then set five goals in your opponent. Alessana, a staunch member of the populous Twilage family, scored three goals. And if there isn’t a ten-minute show for Paul Williams early in the second half, chances are more for Samoa.

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