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Can we see the halo hero’s face once in games? [VIDEO]

Halo fans have an ancient desire to see who’s hiding behind the Master Chief’s helmet, but it seems they’ll have to wait for that…

We’re so familiar with the character of Master Chief, the hero of the Halo games, that we’ve been able to experience epic moments in dozens of games, and perform stunts while hiding in his skin. However, this character still keeps a big secret: his face. We’ve never seen the iconic “Spartan” facial features before, although the first trailer in the Halo series is said to be showing. But when it comes to video games, he’s not likely to take off his helmet.

Game Informer learned this through a quick Q&A they did with Joseph Staten, the creative director of the franchise. Staten isn’t really keen on the idea of ​​showing the Master Chief’s face in Halo games:

“I think it all depends on your goals, but in terms of gaming, I think the unsung hero is very important.”

So it looks like we’re still controlling a hero with an unknown face, as this can create a better connection between the hero and the player. On the other hand, in the same interview, we learned some interesting details about the next Spartan adventure, as Staten confirmed that Halo Infinite will include the classic paths of the franchise and may expand with new weapons over time.

Although Halo Infinite is already in development, it is rumored that new content will be added after its release. In this regard, Statin himself recently explained why Delayed is one of the most mentioned co-op modes. As for the Master Chief’s face, it is not yet known if the series will take this step, as the teaser only showed the character’s distinctive armor.

Source: Game Informer (Youtube)

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