Can we really use Windows 7?

Can we really use Windows 7?

Lots of people still work and play with Windows 7 at the end of its life cycle.

Based on a study of metadata of anonymous operating systems, Kaspersky found that nearly a quarter (22%) of computer users are still using an expired OS.

Windows 7 has not had public support since January 2020.

When the operating system reaches the end of its life, the manufacturer does not release any other updates, including critical security fixes.

While on the surface it seems a good idea to know everything you need to know, it can still be attacked if the manufacturer no longer supports it.

When the operating system reaches the end of its life cycle, the vulnerabilities are no longer patched, paving the way for attackers to gain access to the system. This is exactly why updating the operating system is important to help protect your system or corporate network from this avoidable problem.

Among those who still use Windows 7, consumers, small and medium businesses (SMEs), and small businesses (SMEs) account for roughly the same percentage – 22%.

It should be noted that nearly a quarter of MVs still use this legacy operating system, especially since they do not have IT professionals who specialize specifically in cybersecurity, rather it is important for them to update their operating system. Business

For now, they can take advantage of the extended and paid support for Windows 7, but that comes at an additional cost, and that offer won’t be available forever either.

Kaspersky’s results also show that a very small percentage of people and companies (less than 1%) are still using older operating systems, such as Windows XP and Windows Vista, which have not been used since 2014 and 2017 respectively. Include support. Overall, nearly a quarter of users (24%) still use Windows OS that no longer comes with general support.

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“Lots of people are upset about updating the operating system. But OS updates are not just about fixing bugs or running the latest interface. This procedure fixes bugs that can open a big door for cybercriminals to infiltrate. Even if you think you are alert and protected while you are around Online, updating your operating system is an essential security feature that should not be overlooked, regardless of the third-party security solution installed on your device. If the operating system is outdated, you will not receive these important updates anymore, ”explained Arpad Tooth, Director of Kaspersky Hungarian.

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