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Can Marian Piller Dating Hungarian Jason Momoa?

Not so long ago, it became clear that Beller Marian is divorcing after 12 years and, according to rumors, already has a new partner.

Not too long ago, we wrote that too Marianne Beller and György Juni break up after 12 years together. According to recent rumors, the presenter has already found a new love.

Beller Marian Johnny Georgi Fallas

Marianne Beller They have been seen together many times wins with Balázs, who is often referred to as “Hungarian Jason Momoa” because of his apparent resemblance to the Hawaiian-born actor. Blikk contacted Megeri, who gave a somewhat vague, but eloquent answer to the question: “Diplomatically, I would like to say what American politicians say: I can neither deny nor confirm. Marianne asked us to respect that she is going through a hard time, so I don’t want to say Anything else: “If he talks about it later, that might change,” the man told the newspaper.

When Bueller Marian announced it publicly divorceHe concluded his lines with the following words: “The situation itself is painful, sad and difficult. So I am grateful to everyone, including the media, for their humanity, tact and understanding that neither side wants to talk about this publicly.”

picture: Bella Marian (Instagram)

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Marianne Beller divorces her husband after 12 years together

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