Can I Use Toners without Moisturizers?

Toners are a group of skincare products that are mainly used to complete the cleansing of facial skin from fine particles, impurities, and cosmetic residues. Toners have a light, water-like formula and evaporate quickly from the skin. In today’s article, we will delve into the benefits of toners and their method of usage. Furthermore, we will answer the question posed in the title about the possibility of using toners without moisturizers.

Who should use toners?

Everyone with any skin type can use toners, and there are different types of toners for dry, sensitive, normal and oily skin on the market. Of course, it should be noted that facial toner is more necessary for those with oily skin, and it is better for these people to include toner in their daily skincare program. Check toner brands

Can regular soaps be used instead of toner?

No – Soap and detergents cannot penetrate the pores of the skin, so the impurities are not completely removed from the pores of the skin. Hence, it can be said with certainty that cleansers cannot be effective toners, and these products should be seen as a different and new step in cleansing the skin.

When and how to use toner

The best time to use toner is after washing your face with lukewarm water and cleanser (such as gel, foam, etc.) when the skin is still slightly moist. Apply a few drops of toner on a cotton ball or cleansing pad and apply it on the skin of the face and neck. After toner, be sure to use a suitable moisturizer for your skin.

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Moisturizers can be used even when toner residue remains on the skin, and the skin is not completely dry, but for other products (sunscreen, pancakes, acne creams, etc.), you should allow the skin to dry completely. If you use cosmetics when the toner has not completely evaporated from the skin, it may irritate the skin or reduce the effect of the products.

How many times a day should toners be used?

Depending on the toner and skin type, it can be used once or twice a day.

Should I wash my face after using the toner?

Most toners do not require washing. Always read the product catalogue. If it states that it should be washed, you need to wash your face. Some toners, although they do not need to be washed, create a sticky feeling on the skin, which is unpleasant for some people, in which case you should wash your face.

Points to Remember

If you have combination skin, it is better to use astringent products only in areas such as the forehead and nose (T-zone) where the skin is oily. You do not really need to buy two products, but if you like to do so, you can use astringent products in the T-zone in the morning and a regular toner for the whole face at night.

If your skin type is different in different seasons, it is better to use the right toner for your skin in each season. For example, your skin can be oily in the summer heat and dry in winter. In this case, use toners for oily skin in summer and toners for dry skin in winter.

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Final Words

So far, we have talked about what toners are and how they can be used. Now it’s time to answer the question posed at the beginning of the article about using toners without moisturizers. As noted earlier, you should use a moisturizer after using toners. However, if the toner you are using is a humectant and attracts moisture, your skin is oily, or you feel your toner provides a sufficient amount of moisture, you can skip the step and go without a moisturizer after using the toner. But if you are looking for an added protective layer or barrier to your skin, you can apply a suitable moisturizer after using toner. A lightweight, water or gel-based moisturizer can do wonders for your skin.

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