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Can happiness be learned? Here is the answer from science

Can happiness be learned?  Here is the answer from science

Events happen in every person's life that affect their mood. However, according to experts, happiness and sadness are not actually mutually exclusive True contentment requires the ability to tolerate negative situations and emotions. “Happiness includes unpleasant experiences and our ability to channel difficulties and trials into growth, learning, and new relationships. He said to me
IFL Science Dr. Emiliana Simone Thomas. A professor at the University of California says: If you think that happiness means enjoyment, fun, and maximizing material goods, you will never feel happy. You will find yourself on a treadmill of pleasure, and this comes with a lingering feeling of disappointment.

You can learn how to feel better! Photo: Getty Images

Simon Thomas and colleagues launched a course in 2014 to help people take control of complacency. They found that participants' personal happiness increased by 5% by the end of the 10-week training. According to the specialist, acquiring a new way of thinking and There are three basic pillars to increasing happiness.

It does not work without good social relations

Decades of research prove it Deep, meaningful relationships make people truly happy. Money, fame, or power are no more likely to bring lasting happiness than close bonds with family and friends. In addition, people who enjoy such relationships tend to have lower stress levels and better physical health. Therefore, the ability to communicate with others is one of the most effective ways to increase happiness.

Optimism is key

Pessimism may also have an evolutionary cause: our ancestors usually had to pay more attention to danger than to good things in order to survive. Therefore, our brains evolved to focus on the negatives rather than the positives. But fortunately, the brain is also plastic, which means it is possible to create new neural pathways and change our usual way of thinking. “The more we practice focusing on one type of thought or awareness, the more clearly it becomes in everyday life.” Simon Thomas says. So It will be easier for us to think about positive things if we practice it regularly.

Learning how to enjoy life's most magical moments — which you can achieve by keeping a journal of all the things you're grateful for — can help increase your ability to experience positive emotions.

Be flexible!

Flexibility, that is The ability to deal with difficulties, failures and adversity is also essential. Obviously, if there is a place for this, then negative emotions should also be experienced. “As a happiness expert, I would never advise you to hide a real problem with a facade of positivity.” – The expert confirms that optimism must be based on real benefits. So instead of simply suppressing your grief, you need to learn how to deal with shock and disappointment in adaptive and constructive ways.

Tell me if something really hurts! Experiencing loss helps you process it. Be grateful for the little things too! This helps to cope with negative experiences and also reduces the risk of developing post-traumatic stress. Building valuable social relationships! Even talking to strangers on your way to work will help distract you from negative things.

Do you know what makes you sneeze in the fall? Here's the big cold water!

Do you know what makes you sneeze in the fall?  Here's the big cold water!

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