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Can escape from the pub Wichmann | Mandiner

Can escape from the pub Wichmann |  Mandiner

The issue of demolishing the pub on Cazensee Street, which was run by Olympic Tamas Wichmann, has yet to be decided.

The opposition-led leadership of Erzsébetváros said the former municipality of Fides was responsible for the situation, at an online press conference Friday afternoon about a planned hotel to replace the building. And the index reported that the Fides faction refutes this.

At the press conference that followed the discussion, as well as the mayor and deputy mayor of the neighborhood, protest! The association’s founder, Anna Persel, Mihaly Raday, the inherited honorary president of the Budapest City Protection Association and art historian and architectural critic Evan Evan Bogar – index report.

According to Peter Niedermüller, the district’s mayor, they are trying to protect the area’s cultural heritage by legal means. “They are not in an easy situation because the government has severely curtailed the powers of local governments in this regard as well.”

Meanwhile, NGOs launched a petition So in addition to the legendary Wichmann pub building, other ruins in the area can escape demolition.

“We are protesting another wave of ghetto demolitions in the World Heritage Protection Zone, the demolition of Kazinczy utca 55 (former Wichmann pub), and the intention to demolish the monumental buildings at Király utca 25, 27, 29, Király utca and Kazinczy utca against the construction of a park and playground in angle The petition states that demolishing buildings in a protected area is not permitted.

It is believed that investments ignore heritage considerations, which is why UNESCO has sent several missions since 2005, most recently due to the demolition of the historic ghetto in 2019 and the heavy investments in World Heritage sites disturbing the city’s scenery.

There are also lawsuits in the Three Buildings case after the stadium next to Wichmann’s house, they want to build something else there as well. On the balcony of house No. 27 you can read the German inscription of the former inn: Zur Stadt Pest. Because before the union, the capital still spoke German. It’s history, it’s value. ” – Defender of the city, Mihaly Radai, told the Index.

In recent decades, UNESCO reports have successively condemned the Hungarian state “Due to investments in protected areas that conflict with World Heritage expectations and the lack of a management plan required by law.”

Fides’ faction in the judiciary responded in a statement to the opposition city administration’s accusations.

“The mole in the Niedermüller car park opened the possibility of demolishing the Wichmann pub building, and the DK mayor no longer remembers his signature.” – Stands at Statement Vids to Interrupt.

“The demolition of the building at 55 Kazenzie Street has been in the press these days. Regarding this, the local government has also spoken, and the government office and Fidesz have been blamed for the building demolition and the hotel investment. Peter Niedermüller and his team have forgotten to mention only one fundamental thing. Parking, which was considered a building permit lobby, was personally approved during the first period of the state of emergency.The proposal was also commented on by the County Finance and Development Committee headed by the then right-hand man and his party partner, Tamas Burka Sazas, who was robbed. they write.

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According to the left-wing committee’s proposal, the hotel investment was simply interpreted as a “student hostel” according to Fidesz, which the potential owner did better financially, while the area could be damaged as a result. According to legal regulations, 11 parking spaces should have been created in case of hotel investment, while this means only 3 parking spaces in case of student hostels.

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