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Can ads appear on Xbox games?

Reklámok jöhetnek az Xbox játékokban? bevezetőkép

He began developing the technology needed for this.

The interested in trade Microsoft says it has begun work on a system that will allow ads to be placed in free Xbox games in the future. This practice is now quite common in the case of mobile titles, but we haven’t really seen it in console games before, and it’s in the envelope that the gaming community wouldn’t be happy with it.

While it was particularly emphasized that Microsoft did not want to irritate or annoy gamers with this, it is questionable to what extent this solution could backfire.

Two officials also told Business Investor that Microsoft is working with several advertising companies on the new system, which could place in-game ads on free-to-play Xbox titles. Solutions such as in-game billboards, which are already common in the case of competitive games and open-world titles, should be considered, but in the future real advertisements may appear instead of dummy ones. However, it is not known where the plan might go, and whether we can rely on video and audio ads, for example – TV shows and in-game radio that come to mind first.

In principle, the entire system could start in the third quarter of 2022, but it is not yet clear what announcements we can expect, and whether Microsoft has already begun to promote this new opportunity for certain brands. These ads mainly target young people, those who watch little or no TV, which makes it more difficult to reach them. It has also been suggested that Microsoft wants to direct more developers towards free play with the new system. Based on the information that has just been revealed, they will also be very rude about who and how they can announce, because they don’t want to anger the players at all.

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The question, of course, is whether they really do so with the fact of the ad itself.

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