#CampusKicks: New Release of the Week!

The Jordan brand is arguably one of the biggest names in sneakers on the market from infants to adults. The shoe line has become an iconic figure in the sneakerhead community and a must have for most people in their youth. The brand now adds value to one’s sense of style, as long as they are not a pair of team Jordan’s. Unfortunately, they tend to receive a bad reputation from time to time. This week Jordan is keeping up the trend of continuously releasing shoes by debuting the “Air Jordan 4 Royalty.” The shoes are suede, black in color with metallic gold accents. The shoes will be on sale this Saturday, February 4th, 2017 for a solid $190. The question that’s lingering on our minds at Campus Lately can be answered in the comment section. Will you be buying?


Stay True. Stay Real. Stay Black. – Trenton | Instagram/Twitter: @TrentonxPratt

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Trenton Pratt is an experienced media personality hailing from St. Louis, MO. His journey as a media personality started back in 2012 with the development of a weekly YouTube entertainment series titled "The Vision." The YouTube series garnered over 70k views in only one year. Trenton's natural connection with the viewers led to him becoming a staple host at several live events around his hometown while he took a step away from the YouTube scene. Finally, Trenton's gravitating personality and infectious smile will be stepping back in front of the camera and behind the keyboard. He's still the same person... Just A Better Brand!


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