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Camp closed, exhibition opened in Vámospércs

Camp closed, exhibition opened in Vámospércs

This year, the Graphic Art Workshop and Colony of Famsperks have their 30th Summer Session in the first two weeks of August.

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An exhibition of nearly thirty works by twelve artists opened in the House of Prayer of the Diocese of the Reformation in the jubilee year – the exhibited paintings, drawings, engravings, prints and mixed multimedia works can now be found in the city’s contemporary art collection – read in the municipal Vámospércs.

Thirty years ago, three locally related people, retired postmaster Janos Pap, and painter Zoltan Vatul, a university teacher and engraving painter Zoltan Nagy Sindoor, decided on a bespoke composition in the specialty of the Hunting Society of Varkasvulgi. They retreat to the borders of the settlement, near the legendary Malomgát with nature conservation value, and surrender to the inspiring power of the landscape, the borderline. “Thirty years ago, of course, we could not have imagined that we would stand here in thirty years, eating toast, rolling a cake, expanding into a colony, and yet, that is what happened, and we can be justifiably proud of everything. Over the years, A lot of people attended here, the artists came from outside the cultural gathering area in Debrecen, and we became international.Since many of the camp are teachers, we also invited our best students, who were able to taste and work on this atmosphere and filter material here.This year, The camp has been enriched with two literary side events – the musical performance by poet Tamas Korba and writer Margit Halas – and we have also committed to the invitation of the Lakasiki art colony founded a few years ago,” said Zoltan Vatul, Artistic Director.

Photo: Vámospércs . Municipality

In his opening remarks, Mayor Andrea Mains emphasized that one of the settlement’s most important values ​​is the intellectual capital that the artists’ colony represents. In short: invaluable. Longer: the result of an organic evolution between place and inspiration, compromise and compromise, language and language. The first artists’ colony was set up in 1992, the 700th year of the city’s existence, the present, the thirtieth, twentieth year of the re-transformation into a city – it may not be These coincidences are the result of chance… It is with great pleasure that we can provide a permanent exhibition space for the Artists Colony in our Cultural House that meets your needs! We want to be good business owners.”

Photo: Vámospércs . Municipality

Organizers will also attempt to present the second oldest settlement, creators and works of Hajdu Bihar province, which were edited into the Jubilee Catalog during 2021. This year’s list of entrants: Zsolt Durucskó, Sharp Bulcsu, Zoltan Veil, Sophie Horvath, Kopócsy Judith, Stephen Léhon, Attilaroly Lenart Papp Gabor Laszlo Somogyi, Reka Szucs, Jozsef Varga, and Vida Martin; For a short time, Gabriella B. Nagy, Zenobia Brugos, Viola Fatiol, Margit Caniase Hulp, Janos Laszlo and Zoltan Nagy Sindoor.

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