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Callisto Protocol gets a sub version! [VIDEO]

Callisto Protocol gets a sub version! [VIDEO]

Additionally, Striking Distance Studios will be setting the Roguelike action game in a familiar setting (this is also a departure from Callisto Protocol), but there are still many question marks surrounding the project.

Project Birdseye is a fast-paced, action-packed roguelike from Striking Distance Studios, set in the Black Iron dungeon. Since Callisto Protocol is also here, there are sure to be some familiar locations (plus it would make creating worldbuilding or prison assets much easier for the studio). In 2023, a small team began working on a passion project born from their obsession with easy-to-manage, playable yet fun roguelikes.

The developers love the world they created for The Callisto Protocol, and want to continue playing figuratively in that sandbox. Striking Distance Studios believes that Black Iron Prison is the perfect future punk playground for the band's vision. But this does not mean that it is a continuation of Callisto Protocol. Instead, it should be treated as a kind of side quest, which is why we call it a sub.

The team loved this project because it allowed them to expand the world of The Callisto Protocol and flex their creative muscles a little differently without impacting the development of the next AAA game. Since much of Callisto Protocol's post-release journey has been shaped by the community, it made sense to get everyone involved early in development to see if we liked the concept as much as they did.

Therefore, Crafton also gave a nod to Striking Distance Studios' side project, because the publisher always has an opinion on such matters. There is a small problem with the Birdseye project: on the one hand, we have no idea what platforms it will target (won't they tell us this time because of the successor to the Nintendo Switch?), and on the other hand, we don't even know when this little game will be released. We don't expect the Birdseye project to start this year. Maybe in 2025.

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source: Gimatsu

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