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By walking backwards, we can take a step towards maintaining our health

By walking backwards, we can take a step towards maintaining our health

Why is it good to walk backwards instead of in the usual direction? Professionals according to Precisely because this movement is unusual for our body. During normal walking, we mainly use the hip flexors, and when we move backwards, we mainly work the quadriceps, and we also constantly extend our knees. By moving different muscles, we not only strengthen them, but also compensate for the shortcomings of the movements that we use often throughout our lives. Our body adapts to the positions, movements and positions we do most often, and this can lead to stiffening of the muscles and joints, which subsequently leads to wear and tear. In fact, the more variety of movements we incorporate into our daily life or training, the better our bodies will perform.

Walking backwards is not a new idea at all, people in China have been practicing this strange movement for centuries for their physical and mental health, and it is one of the established practices of the ancient Far Eastern martial art, Tai Chi. Some Chinese do they believeWalking backwards benefits the human spirit by correcting “the mistakes and sins of the past.” Of course, there’s also a more realistic explanation for the benefits of ancient walking.

It also acts on our brain, thus improving our cognitive abilities such as attention, concentration and spatial vision.

Because walking backwards uses different muscles than walking in a straight line, we need to take shorter, more frequent steps when walking backwards. The advantage of this is that we not only put less stress on our joints, but we also improve the muscular endurance of the lower leg muscles, and also use the muscles that support the lumbar spine, thus reducing chronic back pain and lower back pain.

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An unusual move may not be as easy as you first think, so it’s worth starting with caution. If you decide to walk on a treadmill, especially a motorized treadmill, first use the handrail on the treadmill and set a low speed. As we get used to moving, we can increase the speed and incline of the treadmill and let go of the handrails. For walking backwards outdoors, choose a safe place, such as a grassy area in a park, and begin the movement by keeping your head and chest straight as you move your feet from the big toe to the heel.

While walking backwards has many benefits, it of course may not be the right form of exercise for everyone, so it’s definitely worth seeking medical advice before starting, especially for older people or those with chronic conditions.

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