"By the time I can remember, I had to run."

“By the time I can remember, I had to run.”

Ramona Lekai Kiss and Matei Lekai had a weddingThe civil ceremony was held in a narrow circle in the presence of two witnesses. The bride was late around her for about an hour.

“We had a wedding with Matty: the first was very young, civil, with only two witnesses, my sister and brother-in-law present. We organized the ceremony very quickly. As for the date we wanted to get married, the day came, and I began to prepare, but since our little son He was still a few months old, my mother’s duties were a bit shaky. When I remembered I didn’t have a bouquet” Ramona, who had finally picked some flowers from the second flower shop, said she gathered them together and became the bridal kiss.

“Finally, we arrived more than forty minutes later than scheduled, which the recorder wasn’t happy with. Of course, there was no other celebration after us, because, he said, he couldn’t bring us together at that time.” The beautiful announcer laughs.

“I felt like everything was going to be fine, I didn’t panic too much, although it was probably from the delirium that a mother of only a few months old would normally feel.” Ramy added.

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