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Button will take on more roles at Williams this year

Jenson Button is hoping to spend more time at Williams this year – if he’s already a team advisor – after COVID rules limited that in 2021.

The former world champion took on a leading advisory role with the Grove-based team last year as the team began to develop under new owner, Dorilton Capital.

However, with the F1 team being “bubbles” due to COVID protocols, Button was unable to blend in with the team as much as he wanted. His situation was somewhat complicated by the fact that he was also a member of the Sky F1 relay team, which works in a separate “bubble”.

However, since restrictions could be relaxed by 2022, Button is confident he can increase his role at Williams.

“I’ve had some time at the factory and obviously in the races I’ve been to” – Tell button.

“I also spent a lot of time with Dave Robson, the chief engineer there and Just Capito and the marketing team.”

“But I didn’t spend a lot of time with the 2021 racers, because I couldn’t go to the engineering room because of the bubbles, I couldn’t go to the garage.”

“It wasn’t really the easiest year. They just joined some kind of catering unit on the team, and here I can spend time with the engineers and Ghost.”

“I think it was good, but it was definitely limited, which is a pity for both parties. But I will be with them a lot more in the new year.”

Williams on the right track

Patton believes that Williams will create the right infrastructure and people they need to succeed.

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“It’s a great team,” Button added. “They have a good team. And I will be spending a lot of time with them, with the riders, and the Young Pilots programme.”

“I will be spending some time with the guys in the simulation room as well. I don’t drive, I wish I could drive! But to see how they compete if they want to and how they work with the team.”

“Actually, that was my strength in racing as well, teamwork. And I definitely have a lot of experience with me in this field.”

However, George Russell, who spent his third year at Williams in 2021, was certified by Mercedes this year. He believes Button’s experience is good for the team.

“Since the COVID rules have been relaxed, he’s always been in the garage, in the catering units, talking to the guys and the engineers and me and Jost, and I think it’s really nice to hear ideas from him and give feedback and contribute things with his own expertise.”

“He obviously has a lot of experience. It’s always special to have someone like Jenson on your team.”

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