But shockingly few of the Rings of Power survived to the end

Very embarrassing statistics have emerged about Amazon’s expensive chain.

Imagine that two-thirds of viewers would get themselves up during a show and leave the movie theater, not because nature calls them, but because they were tired of what they saw and had no intention of staying any longer. Well, something similar happened with the first season of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, which was the most expensive production in Amazon Prime Video history.

Indeed, the series premiere wasn’t the best of timing, as it’s been pressured by competitors like House of Dragons (HBO Max), Andor (Disney+), Amazon: Lawyer (Disney+), and Dahmer’s Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer- Story (Netflix). At the same time, this cannot be an explanation for a large percentage of viewers losing their Power Rings.

the Hollywood Reporter According to his report, on Amazon Prime Video, that is, in the USA, where it overtook Netflix in terms of the number of subscribers, only 37 percent of those who started watching The Lord of the Rings prequels stayed to the end, and left the rest along the way. Although he did better internationally, he finished with just 45 percent, which still doesn’t quite reach the 50 percent that professionals consider acceptable (which isn’t good, but it’s not tragic either).

We don’t know the exact numbers, according to Amazon there were about 100 million viewers for The Rings of Power, but in the Nielsen rating, which is based on minutes watched, it was still only good for 15th place among streaming series in 2022. Incidentally, Netflix made the top nine, only The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu made it into the top ten. The most viewed content on Amazon was The Boys, with the latter taking the eleventh spot.

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