However, the sector is experiencing serious problems, mainly due to the much higher wage demands than before.

In June, the hospitality income was almost reached in 2019, that is, the pre-pandemic income was reported before Trade Gate, which calculates that the sector is 5 percent lower than it was in June 2019, but 40 percent lower than it was in 2020, meanwhile notes: The first half of 2021 caused a total loss of Ft 190 billion. Hungarian sector. . All of this, of course, is less than a $400 billion booth in 2020, but the big question is how catering can manage fundamentally high prices.

The problems are compounded by the lack of manpower, which shows that there are places where waiters give 1,300 forints in total and 1,500 fort for bartenders, but there is a place in Siófok where they are looking for a bartender for nearly half a million gross wages, over time, you can compete with 700,000 offers Monthly for a restaurant in Budapest or 800,000 German hotels.

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