If the system issues an invalid boarding pass when checking in online, there is still a chance at the airport that the passenger is valid.

On Thursday, Wizz Air said that due to stricter international administrative obligations, check-in at the airport may take longer than usual.

The airline requires passengers to arrive at the airport no later than two hours before departure and visit the check-in counter appropriate for their flight, even if an invalid boarding pass was issued during online check-in. In this case, the airline’s ground handling partner staff will verify that the passenger has the appropriate certification, license and virus test valid for the country of destination and that the online data service is performing correctly.

If the passenger presents the documents and certificates required by the host country, Wizz Air will issue a printed boarding pass. Otherwise, they will have to refuse to travel, the statement said, because without the required papers, the destination country will not accept the passenger and may penalize both the passenger and the airline.

Information about entry requirements in each country can also be found on the airline’s website, but it is also worth checking out the consular website of the host country. It is also proposed to submit a digital Covid card, introduced in the EU from 1 July, which will allow you to travel between EU member states, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland without a test requirement.

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They added that wearing a mask is still mandatory on Wizz Air flights.

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