Bulgaria is included in the green group of England's travel list

Bulgaria is included in the green group of England’s travel list

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced the result of the latest review of England’s entry lists a day earlier than expected. The government conducts these reviews every three weeks and the next review was due on Thursday.

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Shapps said Wednesday night that it is very popular with British tourists who are from Spain Balearic Islands, which moved from yellow to green two weeks after the previous review, They will return to the yellow group from next Monday Due to the significant increase in the number of coronavirus infections.

The minister emphasized that the number of infectious cases identified by examination in the Mediterranean islands has doubled since the previous review. On May 17, the British government introduced a colour-coded system similar to traffic lights, which uses the green, yellow and red categories to identify the conditions under which you can enter England from abroad.

Many follow the same system – and usually take over the British government’s travel decisions for England – as do the other three UK countries, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. There are the least number of countries in the green category: This includes, among others, Israel, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Malta, and, starting next Monday, Bulgaria, the only country in Central and Eastern Europe.

The yellow category is the most populous. The British government lists Hungary, with the exception of Malta and Bulgaria, which will move to the green category from Monday, all EU member states., including Spain, Portugal, Greece, France and Italy, which are among the most popular holiday destinations for British tourists.

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Arrivals from here to England must be isolated for ten days and given a coronavirus screening test before arrival and two after arrival. However, from next Monday, there will be great relief for those coming to England from yellow category countries, but this only applies to those who have received two doses of the coronavirus vaccination as part of the UK vaccination campaign in the UK at the moment. .

According to the British government’s decision, if they receive the second dose at least 14 days before their date of entry They will not have to self-quarantine from July 19 and will only have to take one coronavirus test instead of the current two after arriving in England.

Speaking to BBC Radio yesterday, Grant Shapps stressed that the British government is working to make vaccinations given abroad, recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), equally acceptable to those entering England. Britain’s transport minister said London was actively working on this and “it only takes a little time to get here”.

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Among the most stringent countries in the red category, including Brazil, India, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, only British and Irish citizens and foreigners with a residence permit in Great Britain are allowed to enter England, but upon arrival they are determined by the British government. A mandatory ten-day quarantine must be completed in a guarded hotel.

This quarantine costs £1,750 (over £700,000) per person, and passengers have to pay for it.

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