Budget smartwatch buying guide: what to look for and what to avoid

Smart watches are one of the most sought after products right now. There are many wearable devices that we call smart watches these days. Ideally, a wearable watch that can also track your fitness, display notifications, and take calls from your phone. Today smartwatches come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges.

However, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a smartwatch and you need something that looks good, has great battery life, and lots of functionality, here’s what to look for in a low-budget smartwatch under $100.
Inexpensive Smartwatch Buying Guide: Build Quality

A good budget smartwatch should have a solid build quality. From the moment you hold the watch in your hand, it shouldn’t feel like a cheap product. Shaky or mushy buttons, loose straps, a shoddy screen with large bezels are items to steer clear of. For a better build, look for a sturdy metal or hard plastic frame and dial.

For better aesthetics, look for a smartwatch with minimal bezels, even if the screen isn’t very large. This will keep your watch looking good whether you have an analog or digital watch face later on.

It’s also worth investing in features that include an AMOLED display panel, showing you better colors, and interchangeable watch straps, allowing you to easily change the strap if you damage your current one.
Inexpensive Smartwatch Buying Guide: Features

Every smartwatch has some essential functions, like a heart rate sensor or a pedometer. However, look for a watch that also includes items like an SpO2 sensor or sleep tracking. The ideal budget smartwatch should also have some watch faces and an automatic brightness sensor.

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If fitness is important to you, check out the special fitness modes of the watch you want to buy. If your choice of sports or gym exercises is compatible with the smartwatch, you will generally get more accurate results.
companion software application

Smart watches are only as good as the software they run on. While you may not find a Google WearOS smartwatch under 100$, look for good software that is easy to use and combines intuitive features with ease of use in a good way.

Good software also means regular firmware updates by the brand to ensure that new features and dials keep coming to your watch after you buy it. Equally important is the companion app you install on your phone to get the most out of your smartwatch. A good companion app should have a good user interface that is packed with features, but not too overwhelming.

Inexpensive Smartwatch Buying Guide: Battery Life

The more power your watch can provide on a single charge, the better. When buying a new smartwatch, look for watches that offer a battery life of at least 15-20 days with moderate use. Depending on the type of features available on your smartwatch, you may also find watches that include many more features but have a 3-7 day battery life on a single charge.

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