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Budapest’s city hall is filled with people Ferenc Gyurcsany

Budapest's city hall is filled with people Ferenc Gyurcsany

After the 2019 municipal elections, Budapest’s city hall was filled with people from the Gyurcsany era. The Christmas Girjelly handed over the reins to them without saying a word. The city council – that is, the self-government of the city – is not actually run by the mayor, Jirjeli Caraxoni, but by the leader of the left, Ferenc Gyurcsany.

After the election of Jirjeli Caraxoni, he expected little, and the people of the Gyurcsany era began to be revitalized at an enormous pace. Amina Gyurcsány played an important role in the mayor’s campaign, J. Zoltán Gál And the Andras Pattiz he is. To this day, they play a major role alongside the mayor, with J. Practically gallop for his work, even the mayor’s posts he writes on Facebook.

Today, the Gyurcsany people fully control the town hallSource: Origo

The Gyurcsany people are everywhere in the city hall

One of the most important positions Tibor Draskovic, He was received by the Minister of Finance, then the Minister of Justice and Law Enforcement in Gyurcsany’s government. Since 2019, he has been the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Budapest Transport Center (BKK).

Gy. Németh Erzsébet, One of the deputies of the Gyurcsány party became deputy mayor. Between 2002 and 2010, he was a Member of Parliament for MSZP and had long been active in politics in the capital. According to some opinions, Gyurcsány is practically acting like an outstretched arm in Town Hall. Even Soros Blogger, 444, wrote about him that “it was said from his mouth many times that I should ask my boss about this.”

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Gyurcsány forced fallen TV on Christmas, Olga Kalman Who has been a cultural advisor since 2019 (officially affiliated with Erzsébet Gy. Németh).

One of Gyurcsány’s strongmen is also the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Budapest City Management Holding (BVH), Norbert lives Personally. It can be connected to Gyurcsány Tamas Handel Also who used to be his bodyguard. Handel heads the Metropolitan Municipal Police Department.

Tepor Draskovic, a failed Gyurcsany minister over and over, assumed a very important position.Source: MTI / Attila Kovács

Former Gyurcsany Minister, Istvan Culper, The current Chairman of the National Council DK was a member of the Budapest Főváros Vagyonkezelő Központ Zrt Board of Directors. Since 2019. She has a serious role to play To Tamás KatonaGyurcsány, who was the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the BKV Zrt. Since 2019. Gabor nimesAnd DK sixteenth. The district local government representative is a member of the BKV Zrt board of directors. Since 2019, Zoltán Szabó, Former Member of Parliament, Member of the Supervisory Board of Sanitation Works in Budapest.

A fallen Gyurcsany man gives advice for Christmas

Beside them, he plays a central role alongside Christmas Chapa Torday. He started as Chief of Staff of Demsky Torday, then became Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister of Gyurcsany, then Bagnai also kept the attorney in his position. At this time they got to know Christmas, Who as a consultant and director of a company It also employs a civil servant who has fallen out. By the way, the reason for its downfall was the fact that in 2009, as the responsible publisher of Magyar Közlöny, he left a provision invalid in the text of the constitution for ten years. It may or may not be by chance. Not only is Torda associated with left-wing governments, she is also linked to the Soros empire through thousands of branches, as she was the founder and co-owner of Transparency Inc. funded by immigration rackets, but also a board member of the Gordon Bajnai Homeland Foundation for Progress and an outside organization, who founded the Institute for Budget Responsibility after the change of government.

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Chapa TordaySource: Cont

Gyurcsany people are everywhere

Let’s not forget Ambrose kiss Nor is the deputy mayor, who has worked in the Ministry of Employment and Labor since 2002, and then, since March 2003, a ministerial advisor in the Prime Minister’s Office. From July 2006 to July 2007 he was Chief of the Cabinet of the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, then until April 2009 he was Chief of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister (then Peter Case was Minister), and as of April 2009 he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Office of the Prime Minister.

From the above, it is good to see that the Fifth Birthday Vice President is clearly the old GYURCSÁNY-BAJNAI company, which has already fallen from power but is back in City Hall

We’ll find it after Christmas Balázs Böcskei Also, who will be the municipality’s senior advisor for social relations as of 2019. As mentioned earlier, The Brussels delegation from the Democratic Alliance commissioned its company, RESPUBLICA Analyst Research and Consulting Ltd. To prepare studies and provide other services. In the company established in 2017, Böcskei is the sole owner and also the managing director.

Chapa Chiglide, the bag man on the left, is handcuffedSource: MTI / Kelemen Zoltán Gergely

However, it could easily be a convicted attorney having a confusing financial relationship with the Gyurcsány family To Csaba Czeglédy Her office has also been busy in the capital ever since Guy. Nemeth Erzebet moved away recently From Giula Bodai’s question on this topic.

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